Through collaboration and innovation we are continually looking to push the boundaries of fabric design. Below are a range of technologies which can be applied to Pertex® fabrics to provide additional performance and environmental benefits.


Pertex® Diamond Fuse fabrics use yarns with unique diamond shaped filaments. These filaments lock together to create a durable and highly abrasion resistant fabric. This engineered structure allows Diamond Fuse fabrics to remain very stable over extended wear and washing.

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Pertex® Y Fuse fabrics use yarns with unique Y shaped filaments. These filaments create tightly interlocking structure, which improves the downproof and water beading properties of the fabric. This structure also means that Y Fuse fabrics remain highly stable over extended wear and washing.

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Pertex® 3D Weave technology allows chambers to be woven into a single fabric, eliminating the need for stitching. This maximises the insulating performance, reduces overall weight and improves down or fibre retention.


Pertex® Revolve™ is a collection of fabrics designed for a circular future. Revolve™ fabrics use a mono-material construction, made entirely from recycled polyester, enabling them to be recycled at the end-of-life.

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Pertex® Eco fabrics represent our commitment to sustainable fabric design, development and production. By utilising recycled yarns, we reduce our demands for raw materials.


Our PFC Free DWR provides excellent water repellency without the use of perfluorinated compounds.


Pertex Super DWR is five times more durable to washing than standard water repellent finishes, maintaining 80% if its water shedding performance after one hundred washes.


Pertex® Bio Based fabrics are partially made from renewable content, reducing our demand for fossil-fuel based raw materials and the overall environmental impact of the fabric.

Shield BioBased

Pertex® fabrics with Shield Bio Based technology feature a membrane which is partially made from renewable content. This reduces our demand for fossil-fuel based raw materials and reduces the overall environmental impact of the fabric.

Care and Repair

Caring for Pertex® fabrics is very simple and it will help maintain high performance throughout the lifetime of the product. Due to the range of garment constructions, we advise that you should check the care label inside your garment and follow any specific instructions before referring to the below information.

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