Pertex® Revolve™ is a collection of fabrics designed for a circular future. Revolve™ fabrics use a mono-material construction, made entirely from recycled polyester, enabling them to be recycled at the end-of-life.

Revolve Collection

The Pertex® Revolve™ collection is a key part of our ambitious sustainability initiative.

This involves moving away from a resource intensive linear system, towards the circular system of the future.

By evolving into a circular or closed loop system, we can reduce our reliance on virgin fossil-fuel based raw materials, minimise the waste of resources and reduce the overall environmental impact of our fabrics. Central to this move to a circular system is the introduction of Pertex® Revolve™ mono-material fabrics.

Composed entirely from recycled polyester, Pertex® Revolve™ fabrics are designed so that at the end of their useful life, they are much easier to recycle into the resources from which they were made. Revolve™ fabrics are also completely free from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).



Conventional waterproof breathable fabrics are constructed from multiple different polymer layers — nylon, polyurethane, polyester and fluoropolymers — laminated into a multi-material fabric.

These fabrics are very difficult to recycle at the end of the product’s life due to the major challenges of separating out the different polymers into their relevant waste streams.

Pertex® Shield Revolve™ fabrics are mono-material laminates, each layer of the fabric is made from a single polymer — recycled polyester. A face fabric woven from recycled polyester yarns combined with a waterproof breathable recycled polyester membrane and an optional recycled polyester backer.

The mono-material composition means Pertex® Shield Revolve™ fabrics are much easier to recycle at the end of a garment’s life. This keeps the material in a closed-loop, minimising the waste of resources and reducing the overall environmental impact of the fabric.