Pertex fabrics are designed to provide lightweight protection and comfort through a range of conditions, activities and environments.

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Pertex fabrics are tailored to the specific needs of alpinists, skiers, runners and mountain athletes. By altering the yarn selection, weaving process and the finish, we are able to engineer a range of fabrics, each with a unique set of properties.


Pertex® Shield fabrics are durable, waterproof and highly breathable. They have been developed to provide lightweight and versatile protection from the elements.

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Pertex® Quantum fabrics are the culmination of over 35 years of expertise in the precise weaving of incredibly fine yarns.

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Pertex® Equilibrium fabrics use a unique double weave construction. A tightly woven outer face protects from the elements, whilst a more openly woven inner face helps to move moisture away from the body.

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Technologies & collections

Through collaboration and innovation we are continually looking to push the boundaries of fabric design. Below are a range of technologies which can be applied to Pertex® fabrics to provide additional performance and environmental benefits.

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Care and Repair

Caring for Pertex® fabrics is very simple and it will help maintain high performance throughout the lifetime of the product. Due to the range of garment constructions, we advise that you should check the care label inside your garment and follow any specific instructions before referring to the below information.

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