Quantum is light and strong offering a significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and abrasion resistance.

Quantum GL

Quantum GL is the most advanced fabric we’ve ever made and is a natural evolution of our award winning Pertex Quantum fabric.

Quantum Y

This fabric balances extreme lightness with high strength and increased durability.


Microlight is well balanced and offers weight reduction whilst maintaining good strength and abrasion resistance.


Pertex Classic is dry and comfortable and it’s lightweight softness provides maximum loft for insulated items.


Pertex Endurance technology incorporates an ultra-thin air permeable coating that is both highly breathable, water and wind resistant.


Equilibrium is lightweight and soft - allowing full freedom of movement and yet is strong and robust, making it suitable for rigorous use.


A fusion of our technically advanced face fabric technology (that’s the bit you see and touch) combined with our proprietry waterproof, breathable laminate and coating technologies.


Pertex Shield+ offers high levels of wind and water protection with excellent breathability to create the ultimate lightweight, waterproof performance fabric.

Shield AP

Ultra high performance waterproof breathable fabric, which features an advanced air- porous membrane to offer the highest levels of durability and performance for professional and extreme applications.